Business development

Business internationalization in new markets of interest

Today, for companies, it is increasingly important to be fully aware of their potential for their commercial development on foreign markets, to be able to understand the dynamics of the sales processes and to be able to promptly act in relation to changes occurring in the reference markets.

To do so, they have to carefully analyze the company dynamics, to understand who the customers are by examining the existing portfolio, to know the product and how to make it attractive through a structured plan and a correct commercial organization.


– Analyzing the processes and commercial data;
– Analyzing opportunities and strengths of companies and products;
– Analyzing customers and competitors;
– Setting objectives and planning geolocalized sales plans;
– Defining entry strategies in new countries;
– Defining marketing and communication strategies to support sales;
– Creating, training and motivating the sales force;
– Internationalizing the products.


Facing the globalized market with a new entrepreneurial approach;
– Promoting relations between national and foreign companies;
– Analyzing the advantages of the internationalization;
– Taking advantage of consolidated experiences and contacts;
– Mediating cultural, legal and administrative differences;
– Promoting products, markets, opportunities.


– Field assessing the commercial competences of the sales network;
– Searching new talents for strengthening the staff;
– Personnel recruiting through accurate interviews in foreign languages;
– Customer satisfaction rating and possible training;
– Verifying the accuracy of the models and marketing plans and their correct implementation