Marketing means innovating, dreaming, thinking big

Contents create relationships. Relationships are based on confidence. Confidence leads to conversions.

KeyWay was funded in Tuscany as a company promoting the made in Europe in the world. A team composed by skilled professionals with many years of experience in their field ranging from communication to business and brand development.

Specialized in home design, working in close synergy with showrooms, dealers and architectural firms on a vast international area, we have also started offering our services to important companies in the food, beverage and jewelry sectors. We are specialized in developing German-language markets, such as the German and Austrian markets, promoting and supporting our customers in expanding their exports worldwide.


Today, for companies, it is increasingly important to be fully aware of their potential for their commercial development on foreign markets, to be able to understand the dynamics of the sales processes and to be able to promptly act in relation to changes occurring in the reference markets. To do so, they have to carefully analyze the company dynamics, to understand who their customers are by examining the existing portfolio, to know the product and how to make it attractive through a structured plan and a correct commercial organization.


Developing the brand communication to achieve the set objectives: from the logo to the corporate image, from photography to video, from social media marketing to editorial portals. The right team for a winning communication. The service aims to create or develop a strong brand identity starting from the analysis of the business positioning and liking, the analysis of the products or services until reaching an integrated communication plan both online and offline.

KEYWAY: the best solution for your company

People are always at the base of a company’s success. Competent and capable people who are able to reach the set objectives in compliance with the rules and standards set by the clients.

We study the markets, competitors and opportunities to prepare a penetration plan for the target market. We develop business relationships by strengthening any dealers and by co-operating with partners that can facilitate the project, thus preparing the ground for the company’s success.

This is what we do for our customers.

Do not lose sight of the most important factors that lead to successful leadership: commitment, a passion to make a difference, a vision for achieving positive change, and the courage to take action. - Larraine Matusak



The ability to compete in new scenarios is the challenge that many companies face every day. The small and medium-sized production companies of our country that represent the excellence of the made in Europe and the driving force of the national economy have to face a market increasingly oriented towards globalization that requires experience, expertise and knowledge of local policies.

From planning the objectives to creating the sales network, we pave the way for your future development.


Expanding the company’s horizons, new challenges for the future


Facing the globalized market with a new entrepreneurial approach


Building a possible future for your company