Marketing & Communication

Understanding the consumers’ needs, give value to your products

Developing the brand communication to achieve the set objectives: from the logo to the corporate image, from photography to video, from social media marketing to editorial portals. The right team for a winning communication.

The service aims to create or develop a strong brand identity starting from the analysis of the business positioning and liking, the analysis of the products or services until reaching an integrated communication plan both online and offline.

Plan to grow: careful planning leads to a rationalization of resources and to their profitable employment. This requires a whole series of analysis and the definition of strategies.

The importance of information: an effective follow-up, both through sales analysis and the feedback from the commercial network, guarantees the possibility of taking corrective measures with immediate effects in order to achieve the set objectives.


Supporting the corporate development and communication by correctly transmitting the corporate image in a reference market and making the company recognizable with respect to its competitors.

The Brand Identity is necessary for a company to create relationships with consumers through the main and recognizable characteristics of the brand. In a complex market where consumers have become more attentive to their choices, the brand identity is a goal to be achieved.

We design strategically effective Visual Identity projects for our clients creating logos, brand names and payoffs, coordinated images, brochures and catalogs, creative advertising and multimedia, and packaging.


The word Web Marketing or online marketing refers to all the activities organized in order to make a Brand, a product or a service visible in an optimal way. It can be implemented through the use of search engines, social media or blogs, video and media portals or through the use of e-mail campaigns. Reaching your goals through a targeted investment plan will lead your company to achieve image consolidation over time.
To facilitate and speed up this growth, a mid-term web marketing plan can also be integrated with short term solutions aimed at modifying the corporate image on the web:

– Optimizing the company website through a careful analysis of the reference market in terms of image and SEO and SERP.

– SEO copywriting, creating technical or emotional targeted content that has to be always sector-based and attractive for search engines.

– Analyzing the search keywords, assessing their effectiveness and their repositioning on the website.

– Reviewing and / or creating and maintaining company profiles on the main social media in order to increase traffic on the company’s main website.

People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories and magic.

(Seth Godin)



Study, design and creation of company and product logos.


From design to printing: a single interlocutor, zero problems. We work with the best printing works and photolithe to offer digital printing and offset services.


From little showcase websites to interactive thematic portals. The best possible specially studied to improve your web presence.


Creation of photographic services for e-commerce, product lookbooks or commercial catalogs.


Realization of photographic services for editorials, management of web, communication services and campain for interior design and products.


Commercial videos for companies and accommodation facilities: from institutional videos to social media videos.


Building visibility for your company: the importance of a targeted online and offline marketing strategy.


From the management of your company's brand identity, to performance indexes and company positioning with respect to competitors.